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Japanese Onsen Bath


The beauty of hot springs in Fukushima is that each spa has different characteristics, such as different minerals, styles, atmosphere, sizes and temperatures. These characteristics are all attractive and worth visiting Fukushima for, and they are what differs Fukushima’s spas from those in other prefectures.
Getting away from the city and visiting a hot spring to relax for a few days is a popular activity among Japanese people. If you go on a trip to one or more hot springs for a week, you will see why they are in such high demand.

Japan has four distinct seasons, changing every three months. You will experience something different depending on the season in which you decide to go. Even if you visit the same hot spring resort or hotel every season in the same year, you will discover something new.


Tsuchiyu Onsen, Hotel Sansuisou

Tsuchiyu Onsen, located in the northern part of Fukushima Prefecture, about 16km from Fukushima Station, is a hot spring resort with a long history. The resort has more than ten different types of hot spring. Also, this place is known as the birthplace of a traditional craft: Kokeshi. There are hot spring hotels of various sizes along a river, and you can enjoy those hot springs through every season.

At Hotel Sansuisou, you can enjoy a wonderful variety of baths. They have a number of baths, such as an outdoor bath situated right across from a two-tier powerful waterfall, a two-story large bathroom with various sizes of bathtubs with different kinds of water, a bath with a majestic ravine view, and a luxury private bathroom that provides you and your family with relaxation. In particular, using the outdoor bath with a view of the Arakawa River in a snowy landscape in winter is breathtaking. Please check out the video.

Yunokami Onsen Toryukan

Yunokami hot spring is a hot spring resort that is well-known for its abundant spring water and magnificent view of a ravine. When you walk along the Okawa River from a simple thatched station, you will see a scattered number of elegant hot spring hotels. The resort is not very flashy, but a wonderful spot where you can experience Fukushima’s breathtaking nature.

Toryukan is a family-run hot spring inn which has been in business for generations. Each room is very spacious, and has private bathrooms with a bathtub made from cypress, so you can enjoy a hot spring bath in your own room any time of the day. Additionally, at an outdoor bath located along a mountain stream, you can spend time relaxing and listening to the murmuring of the Okawa River, which changes as the seasons go by.


One of the joys of hot springs is relaxing in a bath, listening to the sound of a waterfall in the distance, all while heating yourself up in the warm water, with a refreshing cool breeze brushing gently against your face. If you’ve never been in a hot spring, you wouldn’t be able to understand this wonderful feeling. Indeed, this feeling is called “onsen” and it is the very reason why Japanese people often visit hot springs. It is a sensational feeling that everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

One of the attractions of onsen is that you can enjoy it all year round. I highly recommend you to try an outdoor bath, which is called “rotenburo” in Japanese. While you take a bath, you could be looking at cherry blossoms in spring, relaxing under the star-filled sky in summer, enjoying the colored leaves of fall, or reveling in your snowy surroundings in winter. Onsen is a special way in which you can directly experience the seasonally changing nature of Japan.

As you can see in the video, there are a variety of hot springs, such as a tranquil riverside hot spring or a large hot spring with more than thirty bathtubs! The shapes of the baths, the temperature of the water and the minerals therein differ greatly from hotel to hotel. In Fukushima, you can find the one that perfectly matches both you and your trip.

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The third biggest prefecture in Japan situated in the south of the "Tohoku" region in the Northern part of the Japanese main island of Honshu. Around 90 minutes from Tokyo by Shinkansen or 3 hours by car. A modern prefecture that embraces educational school trips which many students want to experience.

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