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While on a tour of Fukushima Prefecture, John made some 360-degree videos that you can use to experience the tour as if you are actually right there with him; you’ll be able to join him in his travels and see what kind of adventures he embarked upon.
You will be able to feel real moments, such as how far above you the ceiling of the bathroom is, and stunning views that regular pictures just cannot do it justice. Please use these videos to enjoy Fukushima’s wonderful “onsen culture” - hot springs, ryokan hotels, and cuisine.


Ashinoamki Onsen, Ookawasou

The outdoor baths of Ookawasou is known for their tiered layout. The styles and temperature of the water differ depending on the bathtubs, so you can find your ideal bath, with the perfect temperature and location for you. As you can see in the video, the outdoor bath faces the river, and it has no roof. Listening to the river and looking up at the vast sky make you feel as if you are enveloped in nature. I was able to witness a beautiful, autumn’s end view.

Takayu Onsen Tamagoyu

Tamagoyu is a historical hot spring inn that was opened a hundred and fifty years ago, in the Meiji period. Blueish cloudy white spring water called tamagoyu, which means “Egg bath” in English, was named for two reasons. First, there is the unmistakable, egg-like sulfurous smell, and second, after taking a bath in this water, your skin becomes smooth, like a boiled egg. The hot spring water gushes out naturally, and it is a 100% free-flowing hot-spring. What’s more, the water flows into the baths via naturally-occurring contours in the rocks. Neither hot nor cold water is added to adjust the temperature of the baths, which means the water in the bathtubs is pure spring water. There is a large garden, where you can enjoy a variety of styles of bath, such as an elegant bath with a thatched roof on top and a spacious outdoor bath.


Although the Japanese word “onsen” is often translated into the English term “hot spring”, that’s not a 100% accurate translation. The onsen experience encompasses not only the baths, but everything that goes along with them, such as seasonal food, hotels where you can spend a relaxing time, and hot spring towns that you can enjoy strolling around.
Some onsen resorts are lively towns, while others are located in remote mountainous areas that are so quiet that the only sounds you hear are the sounds of flowing rivers. The wonders of onsen differ depending on the regions; thus, onsen is loved by so many people for so many different reasons. Such reasons include therapeutic purposes, or spending leisure time spending with family. The onsen experience also varies from season to season. Please visit, and find out for yourself how relaxing, rejuvenating, and fun onsen is.

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The third biggest prefecture in Japan situated in the south of the "Tohoku" region in the Northern part of the Japanese main island of Honshu. Around 90 minutes from Tokyo by Shinkansen or 3 hours by car. A modern prefecture that embraces educational school trips which many students want to experience.

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